Ashley and Spencer Cadwell – 09/24/16

Duncan Estate – Spartanburg, SC

If you take a look at any of these pictures, you’ll see a smile on both Ashley and Spencer’s face that never lost it’s place the day of their wedding.  They were both so excited to be in each other’s presence that it made everyone around them equally happy.  Lavender details, sweets made by the bride’s sister in law and family wedding pictures helped the wedding to feel relaxed and inclusive to all who attended.  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Cadwell!

Photography Credits: Southern Jewel Photography

Cadwell Wedding-10

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La Vie Boheme


Bo·he·mi·an – adjective

  1. having informal and unconventional social habits

Besides the wedding biz, scrolling through Pinterest is one of my MAIN hobbies.  I could spend hours pinning, but then again, what girl doesn’t waste all her valuable time on this site?  I try to make my time on here count (by calling it research) by limiting my searches to one particluar thing, and lately I’ve fallen in love with the “Boho Chic” trend!

Now let’s get something straight here.  I’m the FARTHEST thing from bohemian.  I’m about as Southern as you can get, and that means that I’m drawn to a classic, dare I say “Preppy” style.  I like traditional and though my physical makeup is pretty much all sass, I don’t really have a free-spirited bone in my body.  But I’d like to! Maybe that’s the best thing about Pinterest; that you can visualize (or just pretend to see) yourself in the photos you’re pinning.  And this is what’s been happening to me lately.

What I’ve come to realize from my “research” is that a bohemian wedding, isn’t that hard to pull off, even if you don’t embody this particular trend yourself.  Here are the main ingredients for the PERFECT boho-chic nuptials…

  1.  DON’T look like you’re trying too hard.  You don’t need tons of feathers, or tribal patterns all over the place.  You don’t have to master tricky braided hair-styles or only choose groomsmen with man-buns.  It’s true that some of these things might come in handy, but don’t overdue it.  Choose whimsical pieces or looks that are still meaningful to you and not just for decoration.
  2. GO with the flow. Bohemian almost literally means freestyle.  This is one of those themes you CAN’T over-plan.  Not everything needs to match and by the same token, not EVERYONE needs to match.  If you like the mix’n’match style, let your maids choose their own dresses and jewelry.  When it comes to decor, different shapes and sizes are a GOOD thing (see the pictures above), and if something goes wrong, just roll with it.  That’s what a true bohemian would do 🙂
  3. Take inspiration from the 70’s.  Go full-on flower child all the way.  I was witness to a boho wedding once and it was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  The wedding party went barefoot, there were sunflowers everywhere and everyone’s outfits were loose and flowy.  Vintage is another characteristic of the bohemian style.  Choose a wedding gown with lace sleeves and a romantic train, adorn your loose waves with a flower crown or headband and you’re halfway there.
  4. Bring in natural elements.  Feathers are a boho staple, as are dreamcatchers, but I bet you didn’t know that to plan a wedding centered around la vie boheme, you also have to center it on the outside.  You’ll rarely see bohemians use a church for their ceremony.  Connect with Mother Nature and choose a sentimental, outdoor spot to say “I do.” Use wildflowers, LOTS of greens, garlands and/or foliage to decorate. Extra points if you find a way to incorporate wood, succulents and other earthi-ness 🙂

Hopefully these tips have helped you connect with your inner-free spirit.  If not, do as I do and daydream.  Adults can still play pretend right??

If you feel the need for more bohemian goodness, visit out Pinterest! Search Emblem Weddings, give us a follow and we’ll follow you right back.

2016 Wedding Trends

981dda0fb2a02cdf478d2c36415f3857.jpgRecently I shared a post on Facebook from Allure Magazine about upcoming wedding trends for 2016.  I love this sort of stuff.  I like knowing what to look for and the cool, new thing to suggest to my brides, so I am constantly in search of articles like this.  But good articles… Let me explain.  Anyone can write down 9 things that might happen this year in the wedding biz.  Most of this stuff is just regurgitated from previous years and repackaged in a new way or on a new website.  But if you’re like me, waiting for this year’s trend list to be published or are only semi-interested in this business, this one is a good share for you.  The full spread is linked for you at the bottom 🙂

While some on the list are a little harder for me to see than the others, I was really into #5 – a step away from centerpieces.  At first I thought “No, it can’t be!”  If you’ve spent any time on this blog you know I L.O.V.E. flowers.  With the right florist or arrangement of florals, a whole wedding can turn around.  Literally!  It’s one of the things I get most excited about on a wedding day.  But Alexia Conley, the author of this list, is right.  It’s something we’re seeing more and more of these days (or should I say less of?)  Gone are the huge, overflowing centerpieces that brides and florists alike slave and worry over for half a year.  It’s been nothing but garlands and long runners and even hanging arrangements on Pinterest and Instagram of late.  And you know what?  I’m on board with this trend!

I mean, how can you NOT be a fan??  The flowers they chose, the way it drapes to the floor, the fact that people wont have to move them out of the way to talk to each other across the table, its all a plus in my book.

Take a deeper look at all nine.  What I see is a year for fun, un-fussy, less dramatic weddings.  It’s not all about the formality of the venue and the attire or holding the guests or the couple to ridiculously high standards. These “trends” (I’m hoping they’ll turn into traditions) speak to a willingness to think outside the box, enjoy the party and still celebrate love being in the air.  These 9 wedding trends are paving the way for a very laid-back 2016.  That’s ok with me in my personal life and definitely ok in the professional one too.

To view the full article, please visit


Give Thanks!

There is a ton of hype for Fall weddings these days.  Everyone wants to get married when the leaves turn and the air gets crisp. I have to tell you, I’m guilty of riding this particular bandwagon, and I see no reason that should change 🙂 But it occurred to me the other day that while everyone wants to say “I Do” during this time of year, you don’t hear about many Thanksgiving weddings.  I’ve been wondering why this is because for me at least, finding the husband of my dreams and meeting him at the altar is one of the things I’m most thankful for.  It makes perfect sense to get married at the time that everyone is giving thanks for all the special blessings in our lives.  And plus, you can still get away with using PUMPKINS for decoration! (Is anyone else excited about that or is it really just me??)

I think it’s about time we start a Thanksgiving Wedding trend, who’s with me?  So in honor of that, here are a few of my favorite looks for this holiday theme.

My tips for pulling this off:

  1. Use Fall colors, duh! – Sage green, marsala, shades of orange, even navy will help to balance your color scheme with the traditional Thanksgiving colors.
  2. Bring in natural elements – Using branches, wildflowers, wheat straws, wood and greenery will give you that homey feeling you want around this time of year. Thanksgiving just has a rich, earthy feel.
  3. Tie it together with your bridesmaids’ dresses.  The color in the picture above is rust and I think it works PERFECTLY! There is no better place to show of your chosen colors/theme than with your maids’ outfits!

Is Fall your most favorite time of year?  It is for me!  I wait all year for the days to cool off and sweater weather to roll back around.  And as soon as the leaves change, I’m back in my leggings and boots faster than you can say GO!  However, it’ll probably surprise you that I don’t LOVE Fall weddings.  What?!  I know, one of the most popular times for weddings and me, not a huge fan?  Well it’s not that I don’t the like wedding season itself, I just hate that Fall brides feel stuck with an autumn themed color scheme.  I love pumpkin spice as much as the next girl, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be the focal point of your September, October, or November wedding.   And orange is great, but come on, how many times have we seen that before?  I say it’s time to pull out the fashion mags and find a new color for Fall.  Here are my choices…


MAROON – I can’t say it enough, jewel-tones are GREAT for fall! There’s something about this deep color that just makes everyone look better. Whether you are bed-sheet white or have been working on your tan for a while, you can’t go wrong here.  Your bridesmaids will thank you and there are still plenty of ways for you to add in {a hint of} orange like the ladies in the photo.  I personally love this color with matte touches, like a good matte lipstick or nail color.


DARK GREEN – I wish there was a better name for it, but what could be more Fall-ish than a dark “foresty” green?  Good things about this color:

  • You can choose any type of flower and I promise you, it will look good with dark green
  • Whatever shade you choose of green, as long as its a darker version, is going to add a hint of romantic elegance to your wedding (*think garden weddings)
  • This color is a great pair for gold. Gold accessories, hints of gold in your bouquets, gold table decorations…

Have I convinced you yet?


PLUM – While a lot of people think purple is just for Summer or Spring weddings, it really depends on the shade and a deeper hue like this is GORGEOUS against the changing leaves.  I think this dusky grape color looks better with muted tones and matte finishes, but as long as you choose a shade with enough red in it, you really can’t go wrong with a deep purple.

When I think Fall, I think of rich experiences, like the taste of a really rich cheesecake or a good strong coffee.  Deep colors embody that rich feeling, and that’s what a wedding should be all about, right?.  Maroon, Dark Green and Plum are just a few that are sure to give you Pinterest-worthy pictures.  There are plenty of other colors to choose from that could lend that same feeling to your wedding, but this is a good place to start 🙂

The Old Sheldon Church

I’ve never been to Beaufort, South Carolina, so on a recent vacation with friends I let them play tour guide for the weekend.  As I was staring out the window (trying to take as many photos as possible) we pulled up to a place that could be a postcard for “The Old South.”  You should know now that I’m a HUGE history buff, so the Old Sheldon Church is a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I’ve searched it on Pinterest so many times, it should have it’s own board by now.

When you start your own business, its almost all that you think about so even here when I was walking around trying to take it all in, Emblem Weddings came to mind.  I just started thinking about how the Spanish moss hanging in the trees and the way the light fell on the columns would look with a bride and groom standing underneath them.  So it led me to do a little digging…

If you want to have your ceremony at the ruins, you’ll have to be a member of the Parish Church of St. Helena, I bet there’s no guessing as to why their membership is so high 🙂 But any couple is welcome to take engagement photos, bridal portraits or host other events there as long as it’s booked through the parish.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to imagining a setup on the grounds, I made up about 20 in my head in the 30 minutes that we were there! With this amazing piece of history as the backdrop for your most important day, I can’t think of anything more beautiful than saying “I Do” here.  Can I get a wedding do over already?

For more information on the Ruins of the Old Sheldon Church, you can visit this link,

More Than Just Dresses…

FullSizeRender (2)

How adorable are these mugs!? You would think they were from some cute boutique, right?  Well no actually, they’re from David’s Bridal.  Yes, I was just as surprised as you, but it led me to doing a little digging.  Turns out that David’s Bridal has much more than just dresses. Really! Search their account on Instagram and you’ll see tons of great photos of products they sell, how customers have styled their own weddings, and ideas on where they get their inspiration. If you or a friend are getting married anytime soon, I would definitely recommend giving them a follow.  I mean, even if you aren’t getting married soon, who doesn’t want to look at wedding dresses all day?  Follow this link to purchase or preview a few of their items.  Emblem approved 🙂

Share a few of your favorite Instagram accounts in the comment section! We love following your suggestions 🙂

The Great {Flower} Debate


Websites like Pinterest and Etsy have shown us all how easy it is to create gorgeous, life-like blooms on our own.  It’s nice to use fabricated flowers to make keepsakes like the groom’s boutonniere or the bridesmaids’ bouquets so that you can hold on to the memories after the wedding is over.  But many couples (Ok, just the bride) worry over the decision to use real or synthetic flowers.  It’s usually a matter of how much you’ve budgeted for floral design or if a very-vibrant color scheme allows for the use of real flowers.  I know after you’ve booked the venue, chosen THE dress, and sent out the invitations, there is usually not enough room in your wallet (or your brain) to dwell on one more decision.  But let me let you in on a little secret of mine… With the proper quality, no one will know whether your flowers were bought at a craft store or were just delivered from the florist!  To be completely honest with you, I used faux flowers at my own wedding.  But this post isn’t to persuade you or lead you to choose one over the other.  All I’m saying is that you won’t lose points with your family, friends or Emily Post if you decide to go with the less-expensive option.

But there are some good pointers if you’re going to go faux…

Make sure that the flowers are of good quality! You don’t want anyone noticing too bright stems or raveling petals when they should be noticing the alter/arbor you’ve decorated. I would suggest  They’ve got a huge selection of great looking blooms and have tons of other items that can inspire the rest of your design.

If you’ve got the option of choosing artificial or silk, always go with silk.  This will give your flowers a more life-like look.  You’ll be happier with the outcome and your guests won’t know the difference. Take a look at these silk bouquets… pretty lifelike right?

Peony%20Wedding%20Bouquet%20in%20Two-Tone%20Purple[2] Purple%20hydrangea%20wedding%20bouquets

Try to use as little white as possible.  Synthetic white flowers just don’t measure up to Mother Nature’s real thing. Choose cream or white with a slight hint of green if you have that option, but if white is one of the primary colors in your overall look, then you might need to splurge here.

The point is, you have enough to stress about already, don’t worry over this decision.  If you can’t imagine anything but real flowers, your wedding is going to be beautiful, and if you decide to save money and go with faux, your wedding is still going to be beautiful.  The camera can’t tell whether your flowers are real or fake, and your guests won’t either.



Southern Elegance

There is no doubt about it, I LOVE living in the South.  I love the soft, rolling hills and the constant feeling that you’re living in a history book.  I love magnolia trees and wide front porches and the way it sounds when my mama says “ya’ll.” And there will always be something that draws me to a man in a bowtie.  I was lucky enough to find someone who felt the exact same way (AND he loves bowties) so I married him!  Being from the South is a huge part of our life as a couple, so when it came to choosing a wedding theme, it wasn’t a hard decision for either of us.  From the venue, to the cake and every detail in between, our wedding was filled with Southern Elegance.

1932710_896399740402519_6395819127249722868_o We wanted a plantation feel for both our ceremony and reception so we were immediately taken with the Duncan Estate.  And it definitely didn’t hurt that it was less than 10 minutes from our home.  We fell in love with this venue at first sight and never needed to look anywhere else. Gorgeous columns, pink and white dogwoods, and a garden ceremony site really showed our guests a great example of Southern hospitality.

11084139_903477553028071_1672340649805370211_oMonograms and magnolias were the main attraction at our wedding.  Someone once told me that you’re not complete without your initials worn at least one place on your person each day, so we made sure we got our quota in during the wedding.  Everything from our cake, to all the bouquets, my veil and lots more were decked out in our initials. We chose an all-white floral design and magnolia leaves were a great accent to our color   scheme.


Porch swings are symbols for relaxing and visiting with friends, so our photo album wouldn’t have been complete without a few pictures (and stolen kisses) on this swing.

As a professional planner, I think it’s important that you see how I styled my own wedding.  Our theme was at the center of every decision we made during the planning process and it really helped to draw us both into the small details.  I would encourage each couple I work with to first choose a theme so that you’ll have an overall idea to shape your decision making.

How I Feel About Flower Crowns…


I’ve been on the fence about flower crowns as bridal wear for a long time now.  I’ve been under the notion that flowers in your hair, while they can make for a whimsical wedding, are only for little girls.  But I think I’m changing my mind… I mean, how could you not after taking a look at the photo above.  So I have put together a few tips for how a bride can tell when a flower crown is appropriate.

1. Ask yourself what adjectives come to mind when picturing your wedding

If your answers included the words, “vintage,” “bohemian,” “garden,” or “rustic,” you’re safe to wear a floral headpiece, probably even encouraged to!  These types of wedding are less formal and open to small, personal touches like this.

2. Keep it simple!

A journalism teacher once told me that keeping it simple was the key to a good story, the same can be said for a flower crown.  You want the emphasis to be on your gown when you walk down the aisle, not the massive blooms sprouting from your forehead.  A pretty band of wedding roses or a few twists of baby’s breath are understated and elegant.

3. Make sure to match

There is nothing like seeing a bride who looks like she didn’t put any thought into her flowers.  If you’re going to wear flowers in your hair, make sure they complement the ones in your bouquet.  This will help with your overall color scheme and will look AMAZING in your photos!

After spending hours on Pinterest researching this very topic, I have to say I’m changing my tune.  All the gorgeous photos I have come across are making me think that I just might see a photoshoot in my future…

wax-floral-crowns 1fffff6e584f1b0eb2192191ef24791e