Sarah and Grey Pittman – 10/01/16

Duncan Estate – Spartanburg, SC

It was difficult to pick the few of these that could be added to this album.  The emotion in all of these photos is nothing compared to the feelings that were shown on Sarah and Grey’s wedding day.  Their families were so connected and they were so completely wrapped up in each other that it made everyone’s job (especially the photographer) that much easier.  I’m so happy to have been a part of their day and that I was able to share in the details.  This Fall wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful 🙂 And congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Pittman Wedding-431

Pittman Wedding-36

Pittman Wedding-51

Pittman Wedding-100

Pittman Wedding-148

Pittman Wedding-155

Pittman Wedding-115

Pittman Wedding-268

Pittman Wedding-317

Pittman Wedding-355

Pittman Wedding-427

Pittman Wedding-448

Pittman Wedding-445

Pittman Wedding-533

Pittman Wedding-554

Pittman Wedding-630

Pittman Wedding-827

Pittman Wedding-897

Pittman Wedding-1100

Pittman Wedding-1341

Pittman Wedding-1372

Photography credits: Southern Jewel Photography


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