Ashley and Spencer Cadwell – 09/24/16

Duncan Estate – Spartanburg, SC

If you take a look at any of these pictures, you’ll see a smile on both Ashley and Spencer’s face that never lost it’s place the day of their wedding.  They were both so excited to be in each other’s presence that it made everyone around them equally happy.  Lavender details, sweets made by the bride’s sister in law and family wedding pictures helped the wedding to feel relaxed and inclusive to all who attended.  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Cadwell!

Photography Credits: Southern Jewel Photography

Cadwell Wedding-10

Cadwell Wedding-59

Cadwell Wedding-100

Cadwell Wedding-144

Cadwell Wedding-153

Cadwell Wedding-163

Cadwell Wedding-197

Cadwell Wedding-334

Cadwell Wedding-278

Cadwell Wedding-282

Cadwell Wedding-307

Cadwell Wedding-355

Cadwell Wedding-406

Cadwell Wedding-459

Cadwell Wedding-539

Cadwell Wedding-607

Cadwell Wedding-827

Cadwell Wedding-833

Cadwell Wedding-878





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