Kayla and Dillon Barber – 06/04/2016

Duncan Estate – Spartanburg, SC

Rain on a wedding day means “Good Luck,” right?  It certainly did for Kayla and Dillon, whose wedding was absolutely gorgeous despite the small rain shower before the ceremony.  The wedding was filled with sweet, sentimental details like the bride and groom showing a love of service by washing each other’s feet.  There were also moments of pure joy and hilarity when the wedding party and guests choreographed their own special dances.  I was happy to be a part of their special day and I hope that their marriage is just as happy and loving as their special day was.

Barber Wedding-27

Barber Wedding-37

Barber Wedding-43

Barber Wedding-63

Barber Wedding-66

Barber Wedding-72

Barber Wedding-67

Barber Wedding-103

Barber Wedding-134

Barber Wedding-157

Barber Wedding-169

Barber Wedding-184

Barber Wedding-265

Barber Wedding-299

Barber Wedding-313

Barber Wedding-389

Barber Wedding-394

Barber Wedding-398

Barber Wedding-431

Barber Wedding-441

Barber Wedding-630

Barber Wedding-460

Barber Wedding-635

Barber Wedding-779

Photography  – Southern Jewel Photography


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