La Vie Boheme


Bo·he·mi·an – adjective

  1. having informal and unconventional social habits

Besides the wedding biz, scrolling through Pinterest is one of my MAIN hobbies.  I could spend hours pinning, but then again, what girl doesn’t waste all her valuable time on this site?  I try to make my time on here count (by calling it research) by limiting my searches to one particluar thing, and lately I’ve fallen in love with the “Boho Chic” trend!

Now let’s get something straight here.  I’m the FARTHEST thing from bohemian.  I’m about as Southern as you can get, and that means that I’m drawn to a classic, dare I say “Preppy” style.  I like traditional and though my physical makeup is pretty much all sass, I don’t really have a free-spirited bone in my body.  But I’d like to! Maybe that’s the best thing about Pinterest; that you can visualize (or just pretend to see) yourself in the photos you’re pinning.  And this is what’s been happening to me lately.

What I’ve come to realize from my “research” is that a bohemian wedding, isn’t that hard to pull off, even if you don’t embody this particular trend yourself.  Here are the main ingredients for the PERFECT boho-chic nuptials…

  1.  DON’T look like you’re trying too hard.  You don’t need tons of feathers, or tribal patterns all over the place.  You don’t have to master tricky braided hair-styles or only choose groomsmen with man-buns.  It’s true that some of these things might come in handy, but don’t overdue it.  Choose whimsical pieces or looks that are still meaningful to you and not just for decoration.
  2. GO with the flow. Bohemian almost literally means freestyle.  This is one of those themes you CAN’T over-plan.  Not everything needs to match and by the same token, not EVERYONE needs to match.  If you like the mix’n’match style, let your maids choose their own dresses and jewelry.  When it comes to decor, different shapes and sizes are a GOOD thing (see the pictures above), and if something goes wrong, just roll with it.  That’s what a true bohemian would do 🙂
  3. Take inspiration from the 70’s.  Go full-on flower child all the way.  I was witness to a boho wedding once and it was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.  The wedding party went barefoot, there were sunflowers everywhere and everyone’s outfits were loose and flowy.  Vintage is another characteristic of the bohemian style.  Choose a wedding gown with lace sleeves and a romantic train, adorn your loose waves with a flower crown or headband and you’re halfway there.
  4. Bring in natural elements.  Feathers are a boho staple, as are dreamcatchers, but I bet you didn’t know that to plan a wedding centered around la vie boheme, you also have to center it on the outside.  You’ll rarely see bohemians use a church for their ceremony.  Connect with Mother Nature and choose a sentimental, outdoor spot to say “I do.” Use wildflowers, LOTS of greens, garlands and/or foliage to decorate. Extra points if you find a way to incorporate wood, succulents and other earthi-ness 🙂

Hopefully these tips have helped you connect with your inner-free spirit.  If not, do as I do and daydream.  Adults can still play pretend right??

If you feel the need for more bohemian goodness, visit out Pinterest! Search Emblem Weddings, give us a follow and we’ll follow you right back.


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