2016 Wedding Trends

981dda0fb2a02cdf478d2c36415f3857.jpgRecently I shared a post on Facebook from Allure Magazine about upcoming wedding trends for 2016.  I love this sort of stuff.  I like knowing what to look for and the cool, new thing to suggest to my brides, so I am constantly in search of articles like this.  But good articles… Let me explain.  Anyone can write down 9 things that might happen this year in the wedding biz.  Most of this stuff is just regurgitated from previous years and repackaged in a new way or on a new website.  But if you’re like me, waiting for this year’s trend list to be published or are only semi-interested in this business, this one is a good share for you.  The full spread is linked for you at the bottom 🙂

While some on the list are a little harder for me to see than the others, I was really into #5 – a step away from centerpieces.  At first I thought “No, it can’t be!”  If you’ve spent any time on this blog you know I L.O.V.E. flowers.  With the right florist or arrangement of florals, a whole wedding can turn around.  Literally!  It’s one of the things I get most excited about on a wedding day.  But Alexia Conley, the author of this list, is right.  It’s something we’re seeing more and more of these days (or should I say less of?)  Gone are the huge, overflowing centerpieces that brides and florists alike slave and worry over for half a year.  It’s been nothing but garlands and long runners and even hanging arrangements on Pinterest and Instagram of late.  And you know what?  I’m on board with this trend!

I mean, how can you NOT be a fan??  The flowers they chose, the way it drapes to the floor, the fact that people wont have to move them out of the way to talk to each other across the table, its all a plus in my book.

Take a deeper look at all nine.  What I see is a year for fun, un-fussy, less dramatic weddings.  It’s not all about the formality of the venue and the attire or holding the guests or the couple to ridiculously high standards. These “trends” (I’m hoping they’ll turn into traditions) speak to a willingness to think outside the box, enjoy the party and still celebrate love being in the air.  These 9 wedding trends are paving the way for a very laid-back 2016.  That’s ok with me in my personal life and definitely ok in the professional one too.

To view the full article, please visit http://lover.ly/planning/trend-predictions-2016/5659d5672f268bcce50f44fb/.



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