Review – Southern Jewel Photography

2343179_origWhen I started blogging, I had the idea of making this a platform to review vendors so that couples could have an honest opinion.  With all the reviews already swirling around the internet, I thought it might help to have a voice from someone INSIDE the business.  You can get an opinion from any bride, but what people really want is a look behind the scenes.  And that’s what I plan to give you; one wedding professional’s perspective about another.  I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to get this up and running, but here we are.

Rating of Southern Jewel Photography – A++

I’m being dead serious when I say I would give them the highest rating possible!  This husband and wife team exceeded all my expectations and even impressed my family (who have ridiculously high standards!).

My maid of honor suggested Southern Jewel after a particularly long search for photographers within my budget. She found them on Wedding Wire and I was immediately drawn to the way their pictures were edited.  I was looking for a soft and elegant feel, that wasn’t over-edited but was filled with natural light.  Trying to explain that to others was complicated, but I sat looking at their photos thinking, “This is exactly what I want.”

I liked Amber from the moment I met her 🙂 And I’m so glad she brought her husband, Charlie, along.  I met with them thinking that I was just booking a photographer, but after learning about all their services, booked videography and even a photo booth with them.  It’s important for you to understand what I DIDN’T feel here…

I DIDN’T feel pushed or like I was being sold on anything.  They didn’t make me feel overwhelmed with options or the need to make decisions right away.  I wasn’t being lead towards a package that was too large, or something I just didn’t need.

I DIDN’T feel like just another bride that they had added to their list.  I know the feeling when you just see dollar signs in a vendor’s eyes, but I truly felt like their friend in the first five minutes we sat together.  And knowing that they treated everyone that way, client or not, made me recommend them long before Emblem was a thing.

I DIDN’T feel unsure about them. Ever. Not once.  At the time, they were just getting their videography and photo booth rental off the ground.  Having two services that they were just starting up should have made me anxious.  But from that first meeting, I never had a doubt that something wouldn’t go right or that they were too new at this to know what they were talking about.  They were professional, knowledgeable, and completely honest about everything they offered… and the best part is they were consistent with those three things throughout the wedding and even after.

  • Personality – A+
  • Pricing – A+ 
    • Extremely affordable and probably under-priced for the quality.
  • Quality of Work – A+
  • Turnaround Time – A+
    • On the way home from the honeymoon, Charlie had already finished our short video, with the entire video and all of Amber’s 1600 photos to arrive within that week.

If you’re looking for a vendor that has the ENTIRE package, give them a call.  You have an entire post about their excellent qualities 🙂 If you don’t believe me, check them out at


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