Give Thanks!

There is a ton of hype for Fall weddings these days.  Everyone wants to get married when the leaves turn and the air gets crisp. I have to tell you, I’m guilty of riding this particular bandwagon, and I see no reason that should change 🙂 But it occurred to me the other day that while everyone wants to say “I Do” during this time of year, you don’t hear about many Thanksgiving weddings.  I’ve been wondering why this is because for me at least, finding the husband of my dreams and meeting him at the altar is one of the things I’m most thankful for.  It makes perfect sense to get married at the time that everyone is giving thanks for all the special blessings in our lives.  And plus, you can still get away with using PUMPKINS for decoration! (Is anyone else excited about that or is it really just me??)

I think it’s about time we start a Thanksgiving Wedding trend, who’s with me?  So in honor of that, here are a few of my favorite looks for this holiday theme.

My tips for pulling this off:

  1. Use Fall colors, duh! – Sage green, marsala, shades of orange, even navy will help to balance your color scheme with the traditional Thanksgiving colors.
  2. Bring in natural elements – Using branches, wildflowers, wheat straws, wood and greenery will give you that homey feeling you want around this time of year. Thanksgiving just has a rich, earthy feel.
  3. Tie it together with your bridesmaids’ dresses.  The color in the picture above is rust and I think it works PERFECTLY! There is no better place to show of your chosen colors/theme than with your maids’ outfits!

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