Monet-Inspired Shoot

I want to start this post off by telling you what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for friends from high school that still follow your social media feeds.  I’m thankful that said friends believe in what you can do.  I’m thankful that people realize their talents and create lifestyles around them.  I’m thankful for ideas that make you scared and excited at the same time.  I’m thankful for people that are willing to help with those scary/exciting ideas and that they don’t act like their are scary.  I’m thankful that there are painting that inspire us.  I’m thankful for perspective that allows us to see things in new ways.  I’m thankful that all these things had a hand in making this shoot happen and made it turn out so wonderfully! See for yourself below.

DSC_4829DSC_4818DSC_4901DSC_5174DSC_4883 DSC_5012DSC_4886DSC_4916DSC_4941  DSC_5029    DSC_5017DSC_5032DSC_5074   DSC_5034 DSC_5089 DSC_5076DSC_5123DSC_5134  DSC_5150 DSC_5155 DSC_5137  DSC_5162

Maggie Calton ( is the friend from high school that I mentioned, and without her belief and suggestion, this might still have been just a thought in the back of my mind.  So I’m thankful that she loves cameras and people and sunrise and Claude Monet as much as I do.  Once we got the ball rolling, everything fell into place beautifully.  When I tell you it was cold that morning, I mean it was FREEZING, so I’m thankful that Jessica Effler (the gorgeous redhead you see in the photos) stood the cold for us and looked as stunning as she did.  I’m thankful for Katie Lancaster, a cousin who loves hair and makeup enough to wake up well before sunrise to come to the rescue.  I’m thankful that friends like Mallory Drew Duncan were gifted with talent and vision so as to design exactly what we wanted.  You know of my love and thankfulness for Danielle Hansen at the Duncan Estate (as if I haven’t said it enough times already lol) for letting us traipse around her yard before it was even light enough to see.  And finally I’m so so very thankful that the PERFECT people from The Dress Theory trusted us enough to let us borrow a dress, especially one that magical.


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