Is Fall your most favorite time of year?  It is for me!  I wait all year for the days to cool off and sweater weather to roll back around.  And as soon as the leaves change, I’m back in my leggings and boots faster than you can say GO!  However, it’ll probably surprise you that I don’t LOVE Fall weddings.  What?!  I know, one of the most popular times for weddings and me, not a huge fan?  Well it’s not that I don’t the like wedding season itself, I just hate that Fall brides feel stuck with an autumn themed color scheme.  I love pumpkin spice as much as the next girl, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be the focal point of your September, October, or November wedding.   And orange is great, but come on, how many times have we seen that before?  I say it’s time to pull out the fashion mags and find a new color for Fall.  Here are my choices…


MAROON – I can’t say it enough, jewel-tones are GREAT for fall! There’s something about this deep color that just makes everyone look better. Whether you are bed-sheet white or have been working on your tan for a while, you can’t go wrong here.  Your bridesmaids will thank you and there are still plenty of ways for you to add in {a hint of} orange like the ladies in the photo.  I personally love this color with matte touches, like a good matte lipstick or nail color.


DARK GREEN – I wish there was a better name for it, but what could be more Fall-ish than a dark “foresty” green?  Good things about this color:

  • You can choose any type of flower and I promise you, it will look good with dark green
  • Whatever shade you choose of green, as long as its a darker version, is going to add a hint of romantic elegance to your wedding (*think garden weddings)
  • This color is a great pair for gold. Gold accessories, hints of gold in your bouquets, gold table decorations…

Have I convinced you yet?


PLUM – While a lot of people think purple is just for Summer or Spring weddings, it really depends on the shade and a deeper hue like this is GORGEOUS against the changing leaves.  I think this dusky grape color looks better with muted tones and matte finishes, but as long as you choose a shade with enough red in it, you really can’t go wrong with a deep purple.

When I think Fall, I think of rich experiences, like the taste of a really rich cheesecake or a good strong coffee.  Deep colors embody that rich feeling, and that’s what a wedding should be all about, right?.  Maroon, Dark Green and Plum are just a few that are sure to give you Pinterest-worthy pictures.  There are plenty of other colors to choose from that could lend that same feeling to your wedding, but this is a good place to start 🙂


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