To Rent or Not To Rent?


I’m pretty sure that every couple goes through “The Rental Stage.”  You know, the part of wedding planning where the budget comes into play and your soon-to-be-husband wonders constantly, “Can’t we just rent that?”  If you’re trying to keep the costs down, then everything gets brought into question, like “Can’t we just rent the linens?” or “If we’re renting the decorations, can we ask the caterer to let us rent the food too?” Unfortunately, there are some things you just have to buy… so try to let your future hubby down easy.  But surprisingly, bridesmaid’s dresses might not be one of them.

I came across a great article from Brides Magazine online that outlines three of the best bridesmaid dress rental sites out there.  They list “Rent the Runway” (yay! one of my all-time favorites), “Vow To Be Chic,” and “Weddington Way.”  But this is an area where I need your help.  Though I thought about doing this with my own bridesmaids, I decided against it at the last minute and went the traditional route.  And I’ve never worked with a bride who used a dress rental service, but I’d love to see what ya’ll think.  If you feel like sharing your opinions, please leave a comment about how your experience was and if you would use a service like this again! Feel free to answer through social media as well, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

To read the article for yourself, click this link!


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