Why You NEED A Coordinator…


There are always going to be those women who carry their wedding as a personal badge of honor.  In the end they want to be able to say that they planned the whole thing on their own with little to no help, even from the groom.  It makes them proud and gives them a little something to savor once the wedding is all over.  It’s a great accomplishment, to pull off one of the most important days of your life and know that you made it happen through hard work and determination.  But you know what?  I was one of those women.  And while I’m really pleased that it all turned out the way I wanted, I STILL wish I had hired a coordinator.  So here’s why…

#1 – Wedding coordinators give the best recommendations.  They usually already have relationships with vendors and can give you the run-down on all their services.  They can also give you real advice from brides who have used those vendors before

#2 – They’ll start you out on the right path.  I wish I had had the sense to work out a budget in the beginning (I’m pretty sure that my husband feels the same!). But help with a timeline, decoration planning and vendor contracts from the start is invaluable!  Knowing that you have a plan will pave the way for a lot less stress down the line.

#3 – If you hire a coordinator, even for just the day-of, most of the time, their services cover the direction of the ceremony.  You can direct your own wedding, but why not revel in the fact that you’re getting married?!  There aren’t many chances for you to feel like a bride, let someone else have the job of directing the rehearsal.  Your only task for that night should be enjoying yourself and celebrating with your friends and family.

I like to think that I started this business because of my entrepreneurial spirit, but when it comes down to it, it really came from a place of wanting to help brides not be in the same situation I was in.  I felt like a superhero when I accomplished all the tasks on my checklist, but a REALLY TIRED superhero. And one that often wonders if my day could have been just a little more magical if I hadn’t worried over the place settings or if the cake would arrive on time.  There are plenty of affordable options, and if you ask, coordinators are willing to help create a plan specific to you and your groom (which also might help lower the cost).  All I’m asking is that you not write it off having a coordinator too quickly.  Even the best planned wedding could use a few extra hands!

For information on Emblem’s pricing and services, don’t be shy! Send an email to maghan@emblemweddings.com, I’d love to chat with you!


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