The Great {Flower} Debate


Websites like Pinterest and Etsy have shown us all how easy it is to create gorgeous, life-like blooms on our own.  It’s nice to use fabricated flowers to make keepsakes like the groom’s boutonniere or the bridesmaids’ bouquets so that you can hold on to the memories after the wedding is over.  But many couples (Ok, just the bride) worry over the decision to use real or synthetic flowers.  It’s usually a matter of how much you’ve budgeted for floral design or if a very-vibrant color scheme allows for the use of real flowers.  I know after you’ve booked the venue, chosen THE dress, and sent out the invitations, there is usually not enough room in your wallet (or your brain) to dwell on one more decision.  But let me let you in on a little secret of mine… With the proper quality, no one will know whether your flowers were bought at a craft store or were just delivered from the florist!  To be completely honest with you, I used faux flowers at my own wedding.  But this post isn’t to persuade you or lead you to choose one over the other.  All I’m saying is that you won’t lose points with your family, friends or Emily Post if you decide to go with the less-expensive option.

But there are some good pointers if you’re going to go faux…

Make sure that the flowers are of good quality! You don’t want anyone noticing too bright stems or raveling petals when they should be noticing the alter/arbor you’ve decorated. I would suggest  They’ve got a huge selection of great looking blooms and have tons of other items that can inspire the rest of your design.

If you’ve got the option of choosing artificial or silk, always go with silk.  This will give your flowers a more life-like look.  You’ll be happier with the outcome and your guests won’t know the difference. Take a look at these silk bouquets… pretty lifelike right?

Peony%20Wedding%20Bouquet%20in%20Two-Tone%20Purple[2] Purple%20hydrangea%20wedding%20bouquets

Try to use as little white as possible.  Synthetic white flowers just don’t measure up to Mother Nature’s real thing. Choose cream or white with a slight hint of green if you have that option, but if white is one of the primary colors in your overall look, then you might need to splurge here.

The point is, you have enough to stress about already, don’t worry over this decision.  If you can’t imagine anything but real flowers, your wedding is going to be beautiful, and if you decide to save money and go with faux, your wedding is still going to be beautiful.  The camera can’t tell whether your flowers are real or fake, and your guests won’t either.




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