Southern Elegance

There is no doubt about it, I LOVE living in the South.  I love the soft, rolling hills and the constant feeling that you’re living in a history book.  I love magnolia trees and wide front porches and the way it sounds when my mama says “ya’ll.” And there will always be something that draws me to a man in a bowtie.  I was lucky enough to find someone who felt the exact same way (AND he loves bowties) so I married him!  Being from the South is a huge part of our life as a couple, so when it came to choosing a wedding theme, it wasn’t a hard decision for either of us.  From the venue, to the cake and every detail in between, our wedding was filled with Southern Elegance.

1932710_896399740402519_6395819127249722868_o We wanted a plantation feel for both our ceremony and reception so we were immediately taken with the Duncan Estate.  And it definitely didn’t hurt that it was less than 10 minutes from our home.  We fell in love with this venue at first sight and never needed to look anywhere else. Gorgeous columns, pink and white dogwoods, and a garden ceremony site really showed our guests a great example of Southern hospitality.

11084139_903477553028071_1672340649805370211_oMonograms and magnolias were the main attraction at our wedding.  Someone once told me that you’re not complete without your initials worn at least one place on your person each day, so we made sure we got our quota in during the wedding.  Everything from our cake, to all the bouquets, my veil and lots more were decked out in our initials. We chose an all-white floral design and magnolia leaves were a great accent to our color   scheme.


Porch swings are symbols for relaxing and visiting with friends, so our photo album wouldn’t have been complete without a few pictures (and stolen kisses) on this swing.

As a professional planner, I think it’s important that you see how I styled my own wedding.  Our theme was at the center of every decision we made during the planning process and it really helped to draw us both into the small details.  I would encourage each couple I work with to first choose a theme so that you’ll have an overall idea to shape your decision making.


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