How I Feel About Flower Crowns…


I’ve been on the fence about flower crowns as bridal wear for a long time now.  I’ve been under the notion that flowers in your hair, while they can make for a whimsical wedding, are only for little girls.  But I think I’m changing my mind… I mean, how could you not after taking a look at the photo above.  So I have put together a few tips for how a bride can tell when a flower crown is appropriate.

1. Ask yourself what adjectives come to mind when picturing your wedding

If your answers included the words, “vintage,” “bohemian,” “garden,” or “rustic,” you’re safe to wear a floral headpiece, probably even encouraged to!  These types of wedding are less formal and open to small, personal touches like this.

2. Keep it simple!

A journalism teacher once told me that keeping it simple was the key to a good story, the same can be said for a flower crown.  You want the emphasis to be on your gown when you walk down the aisle, not the massive blooms sprouting from your forehead.  A pretty band of wedding roses or a few twists of baby’s breath are understated and elegant.

3. Make sure to match

There is nothing like seeing a bride who looks like she didn’t put any thought into her flowers.  If you’re going to wear flowers in your hair, make sure they complement the ones in your bouquet.  This will help with your overall color scheme and will look AMAZING in your photos!

After spending hours on Pinterest researching this very topic, I have to say I’m changing my tune.  All the gorgeous photos I have come across are making me think that I just might see a photoshoot in my future…

wax-floral-crowns 1fffff6e584f1b0eb2192191ef24791e


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